Botanical Medicine

I Treat Your Ailments Naturally with Botanical Medicine

I have dedicated my life to understanding all-natural botanical medicines, their healing properties, and their synergistic effects with other natural medicines.

Different Natural Remedies

Dr. Liz Cavin frequently uses botanical medicine for a multitude of issues. It may be to address lingering symptoms, treat a disease, or help in maintaining an overall healthy life and body. Dr. Cavin uses many European and Native American herbs to utilize all their synergistic and healing properties. Dr. Cavin also uses many different mediums to ingest these botanical medicines, such as teas, pills, topical pastes and salves, elixirs, and alcoholic extracts.

Benefits of Botanical Medicine

Dr. Cavin tells all her patients that the benefits of botanical medicine will vary from mild to powerful, depending on the type of medicine and the issue we treat. You should not expect naturopathic herbal remedies to be as quick as pharmaceuticals in treating symptoms. Some botanical medicines are known to treat acute symptoms in the short term, and others are used in a long-term regimen to bring balance and harmony to the body steadily. However, herbal remedies tend to have fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. The main benefits to these are that they are much safer than traditional western medicines and much more cost-effective.

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