Meet Dr. Cavin’s Team


Kari R. is a Certified Medical Assistant. Her primary role at Dr. Liz Cavin’s naturopathic office is to assist with patient care by using her specific skills. She collects vital signs, calls patients to check on them, and draws blood for various lab orders. Kari is calm and focused. She helps patients feel relaxed and cared for. In addition to her CMA medical duties, Kari performs administrative tasks and greets patients when they arrive. Kari is funny, friendly, and kind. Her CMA skills and caring nature are a gift for Dr. Cavin’s medical office.


Linda H. brings a variety of professional skills to Dr. Liz Cavin’s naturopathic office. Her primary role involves accounting. She also plays a key role in making sure the office runs smoothly. Linda is meticulous which is important for insurance billing, sending out monthly statements, keeping track of supplement inventory and other accounting tasks. She greets patients when they arrive at the office and performs an wide variety of administrative tasks. Linda is funny, creative, and caring. She makes patients feel welcome and comfortable which is a gift for Dr. Cavin’s medical office.