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Welcome to Dr. Liz Cavin Naturopathic, your sanctuary for women’s naturopathic healthcare and wellbeing. We hold expertise in VTone treatments, cutting-edge technology specially designed to rejuvenate and fortify the pelvic floor muscles.

We believe that every woman has a right to feel her best self – confident, empowered, and vibrant. Our non-invasive procedures are gentle yet effective, paving the path towards an improved quality of life.

Our care is not just professional; it’s personalized and respectful of your unique journey. You’re not alone in this journey towards health — we will be with you each step of the way offering comfort and support alongside top-notch medical attention!

Understanding VTone

VTone is a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation non-surgical procedure that utilizes electrical muscle stimulation to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tighten vaginal muscles, and reduce stress urinary incontinence.

Benefits of VTone

VTone procedure offers a non-surgical solution for conditions such as urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, and vaginal laxity that can occur through childbirth or aging.

The process is quick, taking only about 20-30 minutes per session, with noticeable outcomes typically seen within eight sessions. Thanks to the therapy’s use of gentle waves that contract muscles without causing discomfort, it’s pain-free.

Not only does VTone prvide a solution to incontinence in women by tightening the vagina, but it also bolsters confidence in daily routines by alleviating unruly bladder leakage. Say farewell to those unpleasant issues—VTone empowers you to live a worry-free life without surgery once again!

Our VTone Treatment Process

The treatment session begins with a gentle insertion of the VTone applicator into the vagina. This treatment wand emits therapeutic waves that stimulate and contract your pelvic floor muscles, enhancing their strength and resilience. During this painless treatment, you may experience a tingling sensation which is entirely tolerable.

We take careful measures to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure by applying a small amount of gel on the wand for ease of entry. Your vaginal walls are measured precisely to determine how far the wand should be inserted to render optimal healing results without causing any discomfort.

Why Choose Dr. Liz Cavin Naturopathic

Personalized and Compassionate Care for Women’s Health

At our naturopathic clinic, personalized and compassionate care is the norm for every woman seeking VTone treatments. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s body, we adopt a tailored approach to healthcare.

Our team gives careful attention to your concerns and needs before creating a custom treatment plan just for you. Integrity is perpetually reflected in our commitment as we accompany you on your health improvement journey, guaranteeing comfort, privacy, and respect at all times.

Expertise and Experience in Naturopathic Healthcare

We take pride in our expertise and experience in natural healthcare. With a background in natural health care and a doctorate medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, our dedicated team is focused on providing personalized and compassionate care for women’s health.

Trust us to provide you with expert care as we work together towards your optimal well-being.

Affiliation with Montana Naturopathic Association

Affiliated with the Montana Naturopathic Association, we are dedicated to providing high-quality naturopathic healthcare for women in Helena, MT. Our affiliation with this organization keeps us updated on advancements and best practices in natural health care.

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Most patients achieve ideal results with two treatments a week for four weeks. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us – let’s get started on revitalizing your vaginal wellness together!

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Every woman’s body is as unique as they are. VTone treatments are specifically tailored to address each woman’s individual needs and desires. Ask Dr. Cavin if VTone is right for you, call today!


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